Do the right!

The Apostle Paul writes: I know that my selfish desires won´t let me do anything that is good. Even when I want to do right, I cannot. Inste3ad of doing what I know is right, I do wrong. Romans 7: 18/19

Sebastian Vettel has almost lost his fight for the Formula 1 World Championship. His opponents: Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes, and himself! Sebastian Vettel also fights against himself. Before starting the Formula 1 race in Singapore he said: "My biggest opponent is me!" The Süddeutsche Zeitung (issue no. 213) wrote that he is "himself an enemy".


Sebastian Vettel did not want to make any more driving mistakes. Otherwise the dream of the World Cup would be over. Five big mistakes happened to him this year. His good intentions unfortunately did not bring him any success in Singapore either. That was not due to him then, but to wrong decisions in the Ferrari command post. But even on October 7 in Japan Vettel risked too much - and lost. And again the headlines: the Ferrari driver has to blame himself.


What connects me with Sebastian Vettel is the firm intention, to make no mistakes behind the steering wheel. When I'm traveling with my car, it's always with the intention: mistakes are forbidden! That means for me specifically: Stay away from the mobile phone! That means not drinking a drop of alcohol when I´m driving. That means: pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists in the city! In 2017, 382 cyclists died on Germany's roads, more than 79,000 were injured. That is very bad!


There are so many areas of life where mistakes can not be made! Not doctors, not pilots, not motorists, pedestrians, cyclists. Because everyone risks life and limb. Either that of other people, or your own.

The apostle Paul did not know about problems in traffic. But was himself opponent. He rebuked himself because he knows himself well. He always tries to do good things. But his good intentions do not bring him further. He just can not do what's good. Good for him, good for others. Do you know that?


Good intentions, for example, a workmate is having who wants to drink no more alcohol. Because otherwise his marriage breaks down or because he eventually will be fired. But - he can not shake off his addiction. Or someone wants to lose weight. So eat less sweets! But the chocolate and the chips in the bottom drawer attract and seduce.


Some Christians are willing to read more in the Bible. Or they promise themselves and God to go to church more regularly. They want to pray more for others. Or worry more about the needy. Want? Yes gladly! Do? Unfortunately it did not work out again ...


I know this sentence: I want well, but I can? I did not manage that again.


The apostle Paul is in a hopeless fight against sin, which constantly beats him. He does not fight too many calories. He struggles to live as God pleases. And that always goes wrong.

There he does the only right thing: he looks at Jesus Christ! On the cross at Golgotha, Jesus Christ took upon himself all the faults, all human error. There HE has redeemed every man from the convulsive attempt to please God by the exact observance of religious laws and regulations. On the cross at Golgotha ​​Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has decided: I take all guilt on ME! With that you are free to live. To a life with God, the Father. Without pressure.


The cross at Golgotha ​​is the big plus sign that turns something negative, out of human error and mistakes, into something good. With Jesus Christ a new beginning is always possible. I do not have to carry the mistakes of the past with me. I can unload them on the cross to Jesus Christ. There they belong.

But that does not mean that everything can stay the same. That does not mean I have to keep making the old mistakes again and again. For example, if you have drug or alcohol problems you should definitely start an addiction therapy. The cross at Golgotha ​​cleans up my past. But my future wants to be actively shaped by myself.


The new start with Jesus Christ means, with his help, to be able to break new ground. Paul says so (Romans chapter 8:14): "Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons and daughters of God." The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, gladly takes charge of life. He makes sure that with his power the good is not only wanted, but also done.


Where the Spirit of God is in charge, the will and the accomplishment are getting better and better. The Spirit of God helps with his power to do the good. He accompanies me on the path of change. Day by day, step by step. Anyone who experiences this can exclaim with Paul: "My friends, I don´t feel that I have already arrived. But I forget what is behind, and I struggle for what is ahead. I run toward the goal, so that I can win the prize that God offers because of what Christ Jesus has done.”(Philippians 3: 13-14)

I wish you to enter this “race” with Jesus Christ. That you do not lose the sight of your goal, the eternal communion with God. You are allowed to restart with Jesus Christ every day. Unloaded, without any negative points. Free to live.


If that is your wish and you do not know exactly what you could pray for, here is a prayer that I have formulated:


Jesus Christ,

you know my weaknesses.
You know what I do not succeed, although I want it.
I'll tell you again in private: ......

Please forgive me for harming other people.
Please help me to live as you please.
Heal my weakness through your power.
Make my heart happy again.
I give you the guidance of my life.


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