2. Advent: fun or joy?


An angel  spoke to the shepherds an said, "I have come to bring you a wonderful message! It means great joy to all people. Today the savior of the world has been born for you, the Messiah, in the hometown of David." Luke's Gospel 2, 10

Dear readers,


did Cologne actor and cabaret artist Aydin Isik headlined his solo performance “Before the Messiah comes” on December 7 in Frankfurt thinking: If you do not enjoy Advent, you should at least have fun?

The artist asks in his show the question: How do we get that Messiah coming from the Middle East to Europe? Does he fail on his way across the Mediterranean at the European border guard FRONTEX? Is the Savior locked up in jail with his full beard and long hair on the Italian island of Lampedusa? And of course Aydin Isik asks the important question: are we prepared for the Messiah? Are we ready to receive him? Do we have to confess something before? What excuses will help us if we want to explain why we did not take it really serious with the Sermon on the Mount?


I find it interesting that a cabaret artist asks the question of the return of the Messiah. Advent means arrival. Christians await the return of the Messiah. This is part of the creed of Protestant and Catholic Christians. Ironically, a cabaret artist asks the question: are we prepared?


Exactly this is the key question in Advent. For us Christians, the Advent season is a preparation for Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the birth of the Messiah. We prepare ourselves with many activities: Christmas parties with colleagues and friends, shopping and family stress. An electronics dealer gave me, for example, a coupon booklet for the Advent days:  There is a special offer for each day. From the battery set to a fitness tracker band to the Lightning connection cable: everything that pleases a men´s heart.


How would it feel to seriously thinking about whether I'm really prepared, before the Messiah comes again?? Prepared for the encounter with Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. Not only on Christmas Eve in a festive service. Am I also prepared for the encounter with the Messiah in eternity? This could happen faster than one can imagine!


The liturgical color in Advent is violet in both Christian churches. It is the same color as in the Passion time. Violet is the color of repentance. The cabaret artist asks: what should we confess? I think the one who takes the Sermon on the Mount as a standard, has a lot to communicate with God.

Did Aydin Isik's audience flock to the next open church after the event, repent and rejoice in the return of Jesus? Or whether they moved into the many cafés and bars with amusement? Did they think? Or laughed only tears that evening? God knows.


Incidentally, the entrance cost € 25.10. An Advent prayer to the Savior and Savior of the world is free. And the Advent joy the Messiah gives last longer than an evening.


I wish you a blessed  week in Advent!


If you want to pray, and you are lacking words: Here is a prayer which I have prepared  for you:

Jesus Christ, Savior of the World, help me with my Christmas preparations.
Help me to prepare for your feast, your return.
Let me not forget in the maelstrom of many purchases, visits and celebrations that it is about you.

Let me find peace with you.
Come to meet me on the sea of ​​my doubts and questions.
Correct my thinking and doing.
Fill my heart with the joy and peace that come from you.



Translation R. Jordan

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