God loves music

Praise God with trumpets an all kinds of harps. Psalms 150:3

Dear readers,


can you imagine a life without music? Not me! My wife and me are hearing Gospel Radio music (by ERF radio)  in the morning after waking up. During the day I like to hum a song or whistle a melody that comes to my mind. And of course we like to sing and worship with our parish!


Our grandchildren practice piano and violin. Of course that's a bit different. It takes a lot of time and practice until there is a good tune or an harmonious melody. I can understand a little bit that man who didn´t like the musical exercises of his neighbor, a professional trumpeter. Very pesky, he said. He went to court. Now he lost the lawsuit. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH), the highest German court, said: Making music is a fundamental right. Making music is a "socially adequate leisure activity". Making music is a “source of zest for life”. Nobody has a "claim of total silence," according to the judges.


God doesn´t like it at all when we are quiet. We should not just talk to Him always (“Never stop praying”, Ephesians 6:18), we should sing and make music. God loves when we praise Him day and night. That's music in his ears! When we tell Him that we love Him. When we say that we are grateful. If we praise Him for his loyalty, patience and care.


But God doesn´t shut his ears when we sing to Him our Lamentations. He is not an angry neighbor. He is a loving Father in Heaven, very nearly and all ears. But not always a song of praise is on our lips. I may say to our Heavenly Father everything that weighs heavenly on me. I can tell Him that I do not feel for singing, but having a great shame. I even can tell my sorrows to Him.


He is allowed to hear all the dissonances of my life. He listens when I'm playing a wrong note again. He sees me when I want to change one´s tune. And he listens to me when I say resignedly: "That's the end of the story, that is the end of the song!"


Whether I´m playing the melody of my life in minor or major, that does not change the love of God for me. HE is happy when I smash my joy of life with timpani and trumpets. He's happy when I lament about my sorrows and just trust Him. Jesus Christ is saying: “If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)


Much is already changing for the better as we come to Jesus Christ with our lamentations. He is near and comforting us, so that we can re-tune in the great choir of those who praise God. Not only in heaven, but already today wherever we live.


One thought makes my heart singing: God's new world, which we Christians expect, there will be no screaming and no pain. God says: this day will come! The apostle John hears in a vision words that is music in my ears: “God will wipe all tears from their eyes, and there will be no more death, suffering, crying, or pain. These things of the past are gone forever. I am making everything new.”

(Revelation 21:4 + 5)


How it will be in heaven? Pretty loud, I think. God will be praised with timpani and trumpets, a lot of Fortissomo. If earthly judges say there is no claim to total silence, why should the heavenly judge decide otherwise? It was not quiet over the stable of Bethlehem! You could not have heard a pin drop!

I wish you a happy and blessed week! 

If you want to pray, but don´t have words, here's a prayer I made for you:


Jesus Christ, thank you for listening to me.
You hear when I am happy and sing.
You hear when I´m missing words and every song in me is silenced.
I tell you what is on my mind: ...

Please bring comfort in my heart.
Make me happy again.
Fill my heart with your song of love.


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