After this, I looked and saw a door that opened into heaven. Then the voice that had spoken to me at first and that sounded like a trumpet said, “Come up here! I will show you what must happen next.”

Right then the Spirit took control of me, and there in heaven I saw a throne and someone sitting on it. The one who was sitting there sparkled like precious stones of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow that looked like an emerald surrounded the throne. Revelation 4, 1 - 3

Foto: Frankfurt am Main at a rainy morning 

The visionary Johannes is allowed to look into the heaven. He looks into a reality we can not see with our eyes. John is looking into the throne room of God. He arrived at the top. Heaven, that's the place on the top.


Have you ever been at the top? I mean professionally. Have you ever got to the top? Or have you been even – I don´t hope so!! – going from top to toe? Some time ago when subways were on strike I had to walk to the railway station. Early in the rainy morning I walked along streets I saw a lot of misery: people sleeping on the sidewalk. Drug addicts. Homeless people. But I also met men on their way to work in a dark suit, elegant women. They all probably worked somewhere in one of the large office towers. Contrast of a big city: the one at the top, the others down and out.


Boss like to sit up. Not only at the table while a meeting, but also in there offices. The executive floors I had to enter were always upstairs, on the upper floors. I don´t remember even going downstairs to my boss, in the basement. My boss always resided in the top location, above.


Jesus Christ rules in the heavenly top location. On Ascension, he took the place there, which belongs to him, to which he is entitled: he is the head. Jesus Christ is the “heavenly CEO”, or like the chairman.

For some years Jesus came down from heaven to us humans. In a little period he became a human like us. Jesus left his eternal glory in heaven and came into human existence. Also in someone’s misery. He came to his people because he loves them infinitely. He came to those who were without hope. He came to those who suffer from violence, fear, unkindness. He also came to those who are happy and content.

But Jesus wanted to go down more! He descended to die at the cross. He was executed by those who were at the top. The people then laughed at him. Even today, people still laughs and ridicules in comedies, jokes and caricatures about Jesus. Many people love to look down on Jesus Christ.


Jesus in heaven, Ascension, that seems to be infinitely far away. Somehow religiously lifted off. This invisible reality does not seem to have anything to do with our real world. Jesus in heaven? If we could see him, yes ... But no one can do that - as long as he lives here on earth. But I can hear Jesus at every hour. I can listen to his words.


I compare that to an experience I had in 2004. At that time I found a small booklet in the cellar. It was a christian, encouraging story titled "Nobody plays like Gisela". The story was written by a man named Johannes Rau. This name was like the name of the President of the German federal Republic in 2004. I knew that the President once was a bookseller. That's why I got the idea that this little booklet could have been written by him before he became the President.


I wrote a letter to the President's Office asking if this book let were written by the President and asked for an autograph. – Some weeks nothing happened. I thought, my request was sure put into the trash.

But one evening the telephone rang. I still remember it very well. At the other end of the phone a man reported "This is Johannes Rau". It was the President of Germany. It almost made me speechless. He took a lot of time for a very personal conversation and was happy about the booklet. He asked to keep the booklet. As a thank you, he sent me one of his books (see the photo).


People like me are very rarely called by presidents. Actually never! But it was something special for me to have a very personal phone call with the first man in our state. We even talked about the Christian faith. - Two years later, in 2006, Johannes Rau died.


In his book, which he had send to me, Johannes Rau writes about music: "It is music that makes human to an integral whole man. Even so feeling and spirit, soul and body will find unity" (p. 254).

At that time the heavenly door opened for John to see the Gods throne, he heard worship never ends. John hears the praise: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, the all-powerful God, who was and is and is coming!" (Rev. 4: 8)


I wish you to sing this heavenly worship, too. Who can sing this, becomes the integral whole person. He finds unity with the Almighty God, the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. That brings the soul to the top. To Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, at executive floor. The place, we will meet Jesus Christ.

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