Only Jesus Christ has the power to save! His name is the only one in all the world that can save anyone.

Act 4:12

Dear readers,


the order of the first names may be changed in Germany since the 1st of November this year. Our Chancellor has two first names: Angela Dorothea. So she now could eventually call herself Dorothea Angela Merkel . Or the American president could call himself John D. Trump and the French President Jean-Michel Frédéric Emmanuel Macron.


There may be people who are dissatisfied with their first names. Maybe a change of order will comfort you a bit. But no one can choose his desired name at birth. Selecting the child's name is the prerogative of the parents or mother or father.


It was a little different with Maria. Both in terms of pregnancy, as well as the name of the child. One day, the angel Gabriel came to her unexpectedly and said, "You will become pregnant and give birth to a son whom you shall call Jesus" (Luke's Gospel 1:31).It was the decision of the father in heaven.

God is planning a major deal. With Mary, God puts his plan into action. He has a plan for the whole world. For all Donalds, Dorotheas, Emmas, Lucas etc. - For you and me. God has a plan to show people how much he loves them: Jesus.


Jesus is Hebrew and means "YAHWE is salvation (or hope)". God says, this will be the name of my son. This name is a life program. He who entrusts himself to the Son of God has eternal life. He will be saved. Freed from a life that was like a mirror labyrinth with no exit. In which one always cared about  oneself. The view only for yourself and your own needs. A life in which certain names had a great sound: success, money, fun, fame. A life in which ultimately it was all about the splendor of one's name.


Jesus is the program of God. His name is a life program. We almost automatically associate known names with a lifetime achievement. What do you think about when you read Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? Or Beethoven, Mozart? What do you associate with the name Herny Dunant, Mother Theresa? But that's also true: there are names which brought so unspeakably much suffering into this world. Names we do not even want to pronounce any more.


Our names are very important to God. They are held with him. Jesus Christ wants our name to be found in the Book of Life. He tells the people of Christ, his namesake, "Rejoice that your names are written in heaven" (Luke 9:20). Your name should be written in the Book of Life! That´s important! Not just carved in granite on your  tombstone. Not in any history books. Your name written in the book of life! No matter in what order you carried your first name. No matter if you were famous or a simple citizen of earth.


Jesus Christ invites everyone to trust his rescue program. He did it on the cross of Golgotha. There he brought the sacrifice for everything that separates us from God. One may ask Jesus Christ today: please write my name in the book of life. Write my life program new! Let your name shine brightly over my life.


If you want to pray, but don´t have words, here's a prayer I made for you:

Jesus Christ, I'm glad you know me.
You know my name, my thoughts, my heart.
I want to be with you in eternity.
I want you to write your life program into my life.
I am glad that my name is written in the book of life.
Thank you for loving me.



Translation R.Jordan

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