The saving light

God did not send his Son into the world to condemn his people. He sent him to save them! No one who has faith in God´s Son will be contemned. John 3:17+18a

Dear readers,


do you have still bulb lights in your lamps? Or are you enlightening by LED lights? In the European- union (EU) the bulb lights are prohibited. But the business of light is growing. The lighting industry has discovered a new market of the future. They are hoping for a billion-dollar business with the agriculture (Süddeutsche Zeitung Nr.242, p.23). For the benefit of mankind vegetables and fruits are growing under LED lights in the future.


At OSRAM, a world-famous company, basil, rosemary and thyme flourish under colorful LED lights. These plants have never seen the sunlight. Colorful LED lights provide the plants with red and blue light. This is how the plants grow optimally. Without pesticides, without bad weather or burning heat. Without leached floors or over-fertilized fields.


€ 80 million has been invested by OSRAM in this future project. About 200 employees, engineers and biologists, think in the northern city of Munich about "vertical farms and fields in factory buildings". They are working on the vision of "developing a component to save the world".


At that time when people only had oil lamps and the kitchen herbs still grew behind the house a Pharisee came to the Savior of the world. He was coming to Jesus Christ at night. In his luggage no mint, no dill or caraway, but a lot of questions. But before that man can get rid of them, Jesus already gives him the answer.


Jesus is bringing his light into the thoughts of this God-Seeker. Jesus tells him: God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only son, so that everyone  who has faith in him will have eternal life and never die (John 3:16).


Jesus Christ is God's salvation plan for this world. For each person personally. For you and me. Where God lets his bright light shine into the heart and into the thoughts of a human being, it becomes bright. Then the whole spectrum of the divine light shines and brings warmth into life. There the nights of hopelessness, grief and fear come to an end.


God only needs ONE PERSON for HIS rescue work. HIS Son Jesus Christ. Everyone who opens his life for HIM God gives new life. In HIS light, something new can grow: peace and joy, forgiveness and reconciliation. HIS light is eternal, it is shining today too.


How the conversation ended with the Pharisee Nicodemus is not reported in the Bible. Maybe Nicodemus went home and told his family or friends and colleagues "Now I understand how much God loves me. I was blind.” (Or as we Germans sometimes say in a phrase: I had tomatoes on my eyes all the time!)


A blessed week wishing you
Hans-Peter Nann


If you want to pray, but the words are missing, here is a prepared prayer:

Jesus Christ, you say (John 8:12): I am the light of the world.

Please open my eyes for your glory.

Please fill my heart and my thoughts with your light.

Take all the darkness out of my life.

You have promised: whoever comes to me I will never drive away. (John 6:37).

Thank you, that you know me and love me. Amen.

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