See, your king comes to you, Righteous and having salvation. Zecharja 9, 9


SMS from God. A king is coming! Do we still have kings? The last king of Germany was Wilhelm II. The last German Emperor and King of Prussia from 1888 to 1918.  We don´t have kings anymore in Germany for more than hundred years now.  And we think this is a good scenario!


SMS from God: Your king is coming! So my king is coming! The Lord Jesus, my king, is coming. And this is quite a different event! That's why I can celebrate Advent. And that's why I'm waiting for Christmas. Then I can celebrate the birth of my King Jesus. And therefore I am able to light a candle in order to greet him!

He is my king because I belong to him. Since my baptism.  Since I promised him my loyalty. Since this king became my brother. Since he provided new life for me through his Holy Spirit.


My king Jesus comes to me. During the time when he was born, people came to him. Shepherds. Astrologers from the Orient. But today he comes to me. He comes to you as well. He can come to every person. He knows my address. He even knows my whereabouts and all my thoughts, my life situation. And that's good!


The entertainer Rio Reiser wished to become king of Germany in 1986. He had many ideas of what he would do "if I were King of Germany." What would you do if you were king or queen? What would you change? Would that be good? And for whom?


My King Jesus is coming and he brings a big pack of changes. There are no fantasies. He does not build “castles in the sand”. He offers concrete changes. My King Jesus has no representative responsibilities, but he has an indescribable power. He brings to me his righteousness. He provides justice to me. He builds God's right into my life. His right is peace with God, peace with men. His right is mercy. His right is meekness. His right is patience. Hatred and violence are coming to an end wherever he establishes his right. Love begins, even love for the enemy as well as peace.


My King Jesus is also a helper. He knows my weaknesses. He knows how many times I'm weak. How often my faith is fragile. He knows when my faith flickers like a small candle. He knows how many times I'm attacked by the evil. My King Jesus knows all the needs in my life. He comes and helps. I can entrust everything onto him. I can even entrust my life onto him.


During this time before Christmas I want to focus anew on my King Jesus. So that he can arrive in my life. When my king comes, that's more important than anything else. Then I want to have time for my king. Then I want to be happy that he is with me. Then I want to hear what my king wants to tell me. And then I also want to talk to him:


Jesus Christ, my king.

Thank you, that you know me and come to me.
Thank you for bringing your rights into my life.
Thank you for giving me your peace, your love.

I am glad that you promised to help me.
And that you encouraged me to come to you in case of my deep need.
I am allowed to come to you with my weakness.
You will help me every moment of my life
. For you are my savior, my helper, my king. Amen.