Stand up straight and be brave. You will soon be set free! Luke 21, 28


Dear readers,


the other day I drove to the city by car. An exception!  Normally I use the bus or even a train. And as it happened: Suddenly a boy ran across the street. He did not see me. He just looked at his smartphone. He just looked down, not to the left, not to the right. Perilous!


"Lift your eyes! Look up! "Jesus certainly didn´t think of people which were traveling with their donkeys back then. Jesus had his second coming in view at that time. The day which we as Christians wait for. Our Lord urges his people to look ahead. Towards the future.


"Only those who look at a great distance can find their way," as the former UN General Secretary  Dag Hammarskjöld (+ 1961) was quoted to have said. This is not only valid in politics, but it is also important in everyday life. Not just to live from hand to mouth, but to develop perspectives.  And perspectives in faith as well.


To me, this word from Jesus is a large word of comfort.  It gives me courage. "Lift your head!" when worries prevail and you desperately bury your face in the palm of your hands!  If you don´t know where to begin.  If your head is pounding in front of the many pending problems, still unresolved. Lift your heads up! Salvation is approaching! Because the Savior will arrive by himself : The Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus, the Redeemer, finds the way to all those who only go through life with their heads bowed. He finds all those who have given up, resigning. He finds the one who cannot get out of his problems like in a labyrinth and who is looking desperately to find  the exit.  He finds the one who is exhausted and has dropped to the ground. The Redeemer removes the stumbling blocks in the daily life. He takes  the pressure off the soul.


It's time to raise your head, get up and clear your view. It is time to expect with increased energy, more clearly, rousingly, the redemption of Jesus Christ. It's time to look ahead happier, firmer, more confident, even more relaxed.


Those who only narrowly look at themselves, lose sight of their environment. They don´t have a sense for their next neighbor. Nor do they count on God.


In these days of Advent, I want to make it a renewed effort to look far ahead. For the sake of my own future, which I will find in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to lift my head up, to heaven. To God.  And I will ask him to keep me upright.


Cheer up! This is God's offer to us. And it is not a cheap comfort. Christ, the Savior, comes and brings his salvation to us. Whenever he is invited to enter into our life it will result in a turning point. If you wish, you can stick this weekly saying at the top of your mirror. If you do, you have to look up to read it. You have to stand upright in order to take a look in the mirror! How do you look? Tired or stressed? Or even sad?  Or does your mirror image smile at you, looking relaxed, relieved? Redeemed? Can you rejoice that Jesus Christ wants to fill your life with his power? That he wants to flood your soul with his light? My wish for you is this kind of experience!


My prayer:


Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer, I am often tense. Sometimes I overreact, I exaggerate. And then I am infinitely tired again, without any spirit. I want to wait for you eagerly! And I want to be more relaxed. Do something in me. Set me up again. Come into my heart, so that I have a broad view again. So that I can live upright again. Light up my thoughts and soul with your light. Amen.