Prepare the way for the LORD; see, the Sovereign LORD comes with power. Isaiah 40, 3,10


A few years ago, my wife and I had an accident on the motorway. Another car skidded on the wet road and hit us at a speed of 100 km/h. The ambulance and the fire brigade arrived very fast. We were transported to the hospital. We all were only slightly injured. Thank God! Both cars however were scrap.


In case of accidents, it is vital that a rescue route is formed. Firefighters, paramedics and doctors must be able to get directly to the injured people quickly. If there is a traffic jam, the cars should dodge to the left and right, so that helpers have a free ride through the middle.


I would like to call this a “free ride for Christmas”! Please provide space for our Savior Jesus Christ! He wants to come and meet us. He wants to bring his salvation. His peace. New life with God, the Father. He wants to come from the manger directly to me, to you. He wants to come into our lives. The Savior Jesus Christ seeks our hearts. He needs free ride for his heavenly rescue mission. He saves from all trouble, out of desperation. He saves from sin and guilt. He reconciles us with God (1 John 2: 2). His emergency number: 50:15. Psalm 50, 15: "Pray to me in times of trouble. I will rescue you, and you shall praise me."


Unfortunately, many motorists block an escape route. They just do not think about making way for ambulances. What is blocking the way for the Lord Jesus Christ during this Advent season? Can he come to me or is the path blocked? Barred with endless Christmas “ to-do lists? “ Am I occupied by the many things which still need to be done ? My busy schedule? Do I have the right gifts – or did I forget someone? Is there enough wrapping paper? Who will pick up grandma for Christmas? When do we buy the Christmas tree? Spruce or fir? Do we have enough candles? Do we eat carp? Or goose or duck or sausages with potato salad again? Is the mail for Christmas already finished?


I knew people who were completely exhausted at Christmas day. Stressed by the many preparations for the family celebration. Annoyed, irritated. Worries about food and drink piled up, buying and donating like mountains in front of the crib. The child was no longer to be visible in the stable of Bethlehem. There was hardly a chance of a glance at God ´s rescue operation.


Prepare the way for the Lord Jesus, is the message on the 3rd of Advent.  I wish that I could prepare the way for him. And the way to other people as well, who don´t know the savior Jesus yet. That I can push aside everything, in order to make space for his way  to other people.


This of course can sometimes be tough to do!  It may even be overwhelming for me! But I can trust in God's help. He comes with power, as scripture tells us. He comes with strength. Like a “snowplow”, the Lord Jesus can push aside everything, which looks like preventing him from his way to us. That's the good news in Advent: Jesus Christ has the power to push all obstacles aside. When everything piles up again like huge mountains: I want to ask him to come to me, to find a way to me. And to my fellow neighbors.


My prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please make your way to me. Put aside what blocks me from expecting you. Move the mountains of trouble aside. Make the endless to-do-lists meaningless. Come into my everyday life. Fill my heart with your peace. Let me come to rest with you. Come into my life with your strength. And please make your way as well into the life of ....