Jesus says: „Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Mathew 5:17


Dear readers


In December 1987, US President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev signed the INF Treaty. Both countries pledged to destroy medium-range nuclear missiles. In February 2019, the US terminated this contract. The US accused the Russians to breach the agreement. Russia immediately accused the United States of having violated the treaty for a long time. Tit for tat.


Contracts that are broken are worthless. That applies not only in politics, it applies in all areas of life. If contractors do not adhere to what they have agreed, the relationship of trust is disturbed or even destroyed.


In his “Sermon on the Mount”, Jesus accuses the religious elite of having destroyed the covenant with God. The Pharisees and law teachers were only interested in observing the letters. They had long since forgotten the meaning of God's commandments. An example: They asked Jesus hypocritically whether it would be allowed to heal a person on Sabbath. Jesus says: Yes, of course! Of course one can do good to another person on Sabbath! And he proofs it: He heals a man with a handicapped hand.


That drives the Pharisees to lose their control. To them, this was just inconceivable! Into their narrow mind Jesus had to go! Consequently they were discussing how they could kill him (Matthew 12: 9-13). Into their mind, the religious rules were more sacred than any humanity. They could just not realize that they were destroying their trust in God.


The relationship of trust between God and man has long been permanently disturbed. Because people were not able to abide by God's rules of life. When Moses came with two stone tablets from Mount Sinai (Exodus 34), he carried with him  the “Ten Commandments of God”. Only ten commandments. You can count them on both hands. Only ten simple rules from heaven for life on earth (Ex. 20). However, broken again and again, until today.


Jesus Christ says to all men: I have come to restore the relationship of trust between God, my Father and you. I will fulfill the laws of God. All of them, without exception! Jesus does not terminate the contract that God has made with his people. He puts the disturbed relationship of trust back in order. Jesus does not change the ordinances of God, he does not cancel them, he does not override them. The Son of God fulfills them all. He is able to do that, only He can.


Jesus has always asked God for his will. That is how he lived. That is how we should live too. He tells us what we should pray: "Father in heaven, your will should prevail" (Matthew 6:10).

If I do not succeed despite the best intentions, then I may come to Jesus with my guilt. On the cross of Golgotha ​​he paid for the guilt of all “contract breakers”. On the cross of Golgotha ​​he has cleared the way to the Father in heaven.


Because Jesus Christ has fulfilled the law of God to the last “icing on the cake”, we no longer need to make desperate efforts to live according to the letter of law.


Jesus Christ brings us the wonderful freedom to live as God's children.


When statesmen sign contracts, they sign the document, stand up, shake hands, and proudly show the new contract. Then they hand each other a copy of this important document. But they not only give each other a piece of paper, but the contract is in a special dust jacket. In a red or black protective case. Because the contract is something very special.


That's what God does in principle as well. He shakes our hands, hands us his new law. On the dust jacket there is a description in big letters: FULFILLED BY MY SON JESUS. FULFILLED BY HIS LOVE. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law. He has fulfilled the contract with his love for us. Jesus Christ is the love of God in person. And "love is the fulfillment of God's law," the apostle Paul says in Romans 13:10.


God provides us with a new "contract" through Jesus Christ, he concludes a new covenant with us. Whoever "signs" it through his joyous "YES!" in his heart, no longer needs to fight with God and his commandments. Our God is no longer an “enemy”, but our Father in heaven. Whoever signs it becomes  a child of God. The love of God becomes the driving force in his life. As children of God we do not fight our fellow human beings in thoughts or words or deeds. For "love does no harm to anyone" (Romans 13:10).


The one who became a child of God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, will gladly fulfill God's order of life. Out of love to our God and to our fellow human beings. The Holy Spirit adds to it the will and the strength.

When Reagan and Gorbachev signed the contract, they exchanged pens, shook hands, and the audience in the White House applauded. You certainly will not get a heavenly pen when you say "YES" to the Lord Jesus Christ. But I am very sure that there is a huge round of applause in heaven for you. Say "yes" and you will hear with your heart the angels cheering.