“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.” Mathew 5:5


Dear readers,


did you ever inherit a piece of property? A field or a piece of land? Maybe even with a house on it? Did it make you happy?


In my experience when it comes to distribution of an inheritance, arguments appear quite often.  I seldom hear of meek heirs.  I was told about siblings who were one heart and one soul until their mother's death. The inheritance has unfortunately divided them, and now they don ´t even talk to each other anymore. A sad story!


What does Jesus talk about in his third beatitude? What is meekness? Which piece of land should be inherited? Meekness or Gentleness is a heart´s attitude. In the letter to the church in Galatian it is described as a fruit of the Holy Spirit: “The fruit of the Spirit is Meekness.”(Galatians 5:23) By nature, no one is meek. Unless the Holy Spirit does provides it to him. The Holy Spirit wants to shape our nature with gentleness.


When Jesus asks his audience to come to him and find inner peace with him, he says: I am meek:

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am meek and I have a humble heart.” (Mathew 11:28) If you want to know and meet a meek person, all you have to do is look at the Lord Jesus.


Meekness (or gentleness) is not a weakness, but strength in character. Meek is the man who opens his soul to God's work. A meek person experiences the presence of God as beneficial. Also a meek person can bear the burden of one another.


A  Christian, who has gentleness matured by the Holy Spirit, will have a wide and deep charisma. A meek Christian who learns from Jesus´ example, will treat his fellow human beings  in a friendly, patient and peaceful manner.


The country that is described  above,  certainly refers to the coming kingdom of God. Jesus makes the meek into the heirs of his new heaven and earth, which he will create one day (Rev. 21, 5). There will be no room in God's new world for those who want to rule by force, who oppress their fellow human beings and who only revolve around themselves.


This does not mean for Christians to sit back, rest and to put their hands into ones lap. Jesus invited the people around him to become a meek person.  In order for them to shape the face of this world by spiritual gentleness. This happens where the Lord Jesus Christ is welcome. This happens where we serve others in love and esteem and it also happens where we are forced to deal with people, which we find “difficult” and yet we still treat them with much patience and friendliness.

A church without meek Christians looks cold to me, reserved.  Who knows, maybe it´s me who is the "difficult" fellow in other people´s view!  In this case I should be grateful when gentle fellow Christians treat me kindly and without reservation.


Blessed are the meek. What a wonderful  promise which the Lord Jesus provides us with.  I wish you wherever you are living, in your country, that you could make an impact in the life of others through your gentleness.


With the meekness of Jesus you may bring a piece of hope, peace and kindness into the heart of somebody you meet. May the spirit of the Lord help you in this!