I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10, 10 b


Dear readers,


Advent means "arrival", from Latin adventus. We as Christians do not only wait for Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus during the Advent season. We also wait for Jesus Christ to return again and bring his justice and peace back to earth, justice and peace in abundance.


Jesus Christ said that He came to provide life for us, life in abundance. Many people are waiting for life in abundance. Countless people live every day in shortage of all kind. There is hardly anything to eat. There is no drinking water. No medical care. Countless children have no chance of education.


Countless people have no freedom of opinion, no freedom of religion, no protection from state and despotic rule, even during Christmas time. Many women and children are exposed to sexual violence. Many people are deprived of their human dignity. They all wait and hope for a life that hands them back their dignity.


Please let me tell you a little story: Some time ago, I was waiting for my train to arrive at Frankfurt Main station. I was standing on the platform when a dove approached me. These pigeons live in many train stations. This pigeon was looking for food leftovers and I couldn´t help but to take a photo of the two of us.


Somehow In my mind I started a conversation with her. I asked her: How come you live in the station among all this garbage lying on the floor? Why don't you live outside, in beautiful nature! Where the sun shines. Where you find trees and plenty of good food in abundance? In my imagination I felt that she answered: I was born here and some day I will die among the tracks. My parents also lived here, and my grandparents as well. I just don´t know anything else!


This is exactly how countless people feel: they know nothing else! Just hardship from morning to evening, all day long. Just deprivation through all their lives. They know no abundance of life in dignity and freedom. They know no abundance of love and security and they know no abundance of comfort and hope.


Wouldn't it be time to break this cycle? Isn´t it time to tell other people that they are loved by God? And finally, isn't there time to entrust life on Jesus Christ and ask him to fill life with his love, his hope, his comfort?


The dove found nothing from me and went away to check with others who were also waiting. I couldn´t provide anything good to her. But there are people in my everyday “Corona/Covic 19”  life where I can show my kindness and care. Fellow men, who are infinitely more valuable to me than a dove. (please read Matth. 6, 26!) There are sick people I can call on, for whom I can pray. There are lonely people to whom I can write a letter or send a small parcel. Even in these times there is always the chance for me to help the other person and reduce their shortcomings. And help to overcome hardships.


I have neither political power nor social influence. I am a pensioner among millions of other pensioners. But I can help a neighbor, a friend, a beggar on the street, to make hardship somewhat more bearable. I am convinced: You can do that too. Let it be Advent and light a light of hope in the heart of a fellow human being. So that the love of God also reaches another person. It is only a small step of faith. Let´s go!

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