A Psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not have shortcomings. (Psalm 23, 1)


Dear readers,


the Corona crisis has clearly shown to me the abundance in which I have lived until now. For the first time during my lifetime I was standing in a supermarket and could not buy what I wanted. Many shelves were empty. The battle for toilet paper had started. Flour was also missing. Noodles were in short supply. In other countries it was reported to be similar. Reports from Spain and Italy told the same stories: Customers stood in front of empty wine shelves. A shortage after all?


If my claim is “to be able to pick-up everything any time and without limits”, then I experience empty shelves as a shortage. What measure do I actually apply when I talk about shortage? What demands do I have for my health? What demands regarding my money, my happiness?


David, who was called to be king over biblical Israel from once having been a shepherd, starts his Psalm with this fundamentally important statement: "The LORD is my shepherd”. And this too is the fundamental base for everything on which Psalm 23 is built. I compare this with the famous leaning tower of Pisa/Italy. The people of old built the tower on mud and sand. Under the weight of the first floors, the ground deformed and the tower started to tilt.


Within his psalm, David describes a solid foundation of faith that is firm, that is as solid as a rock: The LORD is my shepherd. All things are built upon this foundation. This is the foundation of my faith, a firm foundation. And the Lord Jesus Christ has introduced Himself to us when He says: I am the good shepherd (Gospel of John 10:14). So that, I too can claim rightfully: Jesus Christ is my good shepherd; I shall not despair.


"My shepherd", says David. I don't know if you can say the same. I hope so. "My shepherd" means a very personal relationship with this shepherd Jesus Christ. That's what counts! Jesus Christ says in Joh.10, 14: "I know mine and mine know me". Shepherd and sheep belong together. Jesus Christ and you, you belong together. He wants to be your good shepherd. He knows you and knows how you feel today. Everyone who is able to say "The Lord Jesus Christ is my good shepherd" puts his life completely into God´s care. He trusts in the loving care of God today and tomorrow. He is aware that God knows all his needs. Therefore I can pray with gratitude: I will not be lacking anything. I may not have everything I wish for. There may also be times when I will miss this or that. There will even come times of old age and illness. And yet I have no lack. I have no lack of his comfort. I have no lack of God's love. I have no lack of satisfaction. Because the Lord Jesus Christ is my peace.


The Lord Jesus Christ, my good shepherd, will never leave me alone, helpless and defenseless. Whatever happens, my good shepherd accompanies me on the path through life. "You let me rest in fields of green grass. You lead me to streams of peaceful water an you refresh my life.”


I like to invite you, to weigh these thoughts in your mind during the next couple of weeks. Especially during demanding times which we face right now. May the Lord protect you and your families, together with your church.

With the Lord´s blessings and don´t forget to drop by sometimes in a few weeks. See you and don´t forget: God is never in a hurry, but He is always on time!


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version), edited by R. Jordan

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