“You refresh my life. You are true to your name, and you lead me along the right paths.” (Ps. 23, 3)


Dear readers,


I still remember an incident when I was driving some time ago and it made me sweat. A church had invited me to preach. But I had never been there before. So I left in time. I had entered the place and the street into the GPS in the car. However somewhere outside of Frankfurt I suddenly found myself on new roads that even the GPS didn't know. Suddenly I felt completely lost and a thought struck me: I had never made an update! The friendly computer voice kept saying: If possible, please turn around! But there was no chance to turn and go back! So, I drove on, bathed in sweat, and somehow I still made it to the church at the very last minute. The sermon however was a disaster after all the stress I had to go through. This church never invited me again.


Have you ever been on a stressful trip like that? Or even life situations where you got lost completely? The problem with my GPS was not caused by the device. It was my own fault. I hadn't generated an update. That's why the voice kept calling: “If possible, please turn around!


I am convinced: we always need an update for our lives! We need reliable guidance if we want to reach our destination safely. The first question is of course: Where do I want to go anyway? What target do I have? What is the goal for my life? There is no need to argue about ways if you don't know the goal!


In a parable, Jesus talks about a very successful man who knew exactly what he wanted in life. He wanted a beautiful life. Without worries. The man was dreaming: “You have plenty of grain laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.” ’ (Luke 12, 19) So he made big plans.


Unfortunately he had forgotten to make an update for his soul. God did not appear at all in his plans for his life. Then God suddenly and unexpectedly called him into eternity. Maybe it was a heart attack?  The dreamer did not reach his goal.


The second question is how often someone tells me: Turn back! You're on the wrong track. - I know people who did not want to hear such warnings and continued on their way until they failed. No warning could stop them from going astray.


God called on his people as well through the prophets again and again: turn back, turn to me! Otherwise you will miss the goal. “Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other.” (Isaiah 45, 22)


How often did they simply ignore his warnings? But that's what matters! We should turn to God! We should stop and turn to God. Every day. It's never too late for this step.


Jesus Christ is the great turning point in life. Every day he invites me to continue my journey with him. His word gives me an "update" every day. If I orientate myself towards his word, I will reach my goal.

The good shepherd Jesus guides me on the right path of life. If I listen to him, I can face every new day safely and completely comforted. His name guarantees that I reach my goal “eternal life” with Him. He guarantees to bring us safely to our goal.


I wish you that every day God's word is like an update for your everyday life, for your faith. And in case you still get lost: please turn around! Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. He helps and brings us back on the right track! You will realize: He will refresh your soul.


God bless you!

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