Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. Ps. 73, 23


Dear Readers,


Is it worth to keep the faith in God? I know many people who are doing quite well without God, without faith and without the church. People who seem to succeed in everything and are quite satisfied with themselves.


Asaf, who wrote the 73rd Psalm, knew such people. He can be compared with many Christians in our times today. He asked himself: what is the point of believing in God? Asaf had doubts about his faith. Perhaps he was even on the verge of "giving up “ his belief in God.


I know people who have done just that. They once served in their local church. They were involved, they participated in praying groups, and they believed together with their fellow sisters and brothers. They sang in the church choir, led the youth groups, committed themselves sacrificially. Until one day they were faced with challenges and problems that made them doubt about God's love and goodness. Perhaps prayers remained unanswered. Perhaps hopes and marriages were shattered. Then they decided to throw everything they had believed in for so long just overboard.


I think there are similar difficult situations in the lives of many Christians. What Asaf went through, others have gone through before and after him. However, the way Asaf deals with it, can be a good example and help for me. "Nevertheless," he insists. And furthermore "But" he says. “But I remain with you, my God. I stay with you even during these heavy doubts of faith. But not due to my own strength, rather because you hold me. In order for Asaf to continue to trust in God is not due to him and his strong faith. His trust in God has its reason in the love of God, which holds him tight. God carries him like a father holds his child. "You hold me tight by my right hand."


I still remember that my grandchildren, when they were still small, were always looking for my hand. When we were out walking, they would reach for grandma's or grandpa's hand and we would walk along together, hand in hand. Sometimes I also took the little ones by the hand to keep them safe, for example when crossing the street. I'm sure you know this from your own experience.


I find this image of faith at God´s hand beautiful. I would like to believe in the same way, that is, to trust God, the Father in heaven. Especially as an older person. I want to reach out to him every day, every morning, and ask: lead me through this day. Lead me also this day by your hand. This is how I want to pray. This is what I want to ask. This is what I want to experience today: God leads me.


When the Father in heaven visually takes my right hand, then he grasps me – visually as well- with his left hand. The left hand, we say symbolically, is the hand that comes from the heart. Therefore I do want to remember this: God leads me with his heart-hand.


Whatever your circumstances may be at this moment, however strong or weak you feel in your faith: I do want to open your eyes to the loving hand of our heavenly Father. The Apostle Paul tells us both, you and me, in his letter to the Church in Rome  (Romans 8:38):


“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Let yourself be guided today by the hand of God's heart. Please do trust today also, in the love of God, which is revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ. May God protect your faith and hold you very close. He loves You!

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