Jesus Christ, we are looking to our world where suffering does not stop.
But yet, healing happens, unnoticed and marginalized.
People all over the world are knowing about your love to them.
People experience a door or a window that opens to you.

I implore you for my neighbors, for my family, for my government:
work with your power and bring your peace in their hearts.

Lord, we pray for the power of your Holy Spirit, that we dare
to confess us to you with our words and our deeds.

Encourage us to stand by our faith.
Encourage us to engage us for peace.
Encourage us to work for your cause.


Almighty God let happen the miracle that we begin to share our wealth.
Let happen the miracle that we take care for the sick and hungry.
Let happen the miracle that moves us for the needs of other people.
Let happen the miracle that thoughtlessness and selfishness disappear.

Lord, you came to us on our earth as a guest.
Help us to make strangers to our neighbors.
Open hands and hearts for the people on the run.
You yourself were a refugee.
Let us not forget that we too are only guests on your earth
and one day return to you.


Holy Spirit, give us peace, where opposites clash,
and let us see through our lives a reflection of divine mercy.
Yes, let us love and say it with our lives.

By Frére Roger (1915 - 2005)


Prayer of the World Church Conference Amsterdam 1948


"We want to ask God to teach us to speak a real no and a true yes: a no to anything that is contrary to the love of Christ. A yes to everything that is in tune with the love of Christ, to all those who uphold the law, to all who want to create true peace in the world, who are reaching out for a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells ."




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