May 1, 2024


Gospel acc. to Luke chapter 5, 5+6


Simon answered, ‘Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets again.’ When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.


Dear Reader,


May 1st is Labor Day. We do not know on which day Simon made the biggest catch in his whole life. We learn that he worked all night without success. Imagine that: they really worked with all their energy through the night, and it was all in vain! How frustrating is that? You return tired. But you haven't finished work yet. You still must prepare the boats and nets for the next night shift. Only then can you go home, take a shower, eat something, and then have a rest. 


However, everything is different for Peter that day. Jesus is standing on the shore with a large crowd of people. They are eager to listen to what Jesus is saying. Jesus gets into a boat that belongs to Simon. He then asks him to sail a short distance away from the shore. That way he can preach better from the boat. It becomes like an open-air stage for Jesus. Simon Peter follows his request. Jesus sits in the boat and teaches the crowd standing on the shore. He tells them that God, the heavenly Father, loves them infinitely. He tells them parables about the kingdom of God. He tells them about the glory of faith in God.


Then Jesus concludes his speech. Simon Peter already wants to row him back to the shore and thinks it's finally the end of the day! But Jesus says: "Go out with your men. Row to where it is deep. Cast your nets there!”


How would you have reacted? Would you have grinned at Jesus and said: "Master, what's the point? We haven't caught anything through the night, how are we supposed to get a single fish into the net in broad daylight? We will not catch anything! I know that because I'm an expert as a fisherman!”


Simon Peter tells Jesus his concerns. But then his trust in Jesus, the Messiah, prevails: "Because of your word, I will cast the nets again!" Yes, I will do it because I fully trust you, Jesus. Not because I am convinced. My mind has great doubts. But my heart trusts you, Jesus!


Jesus’ people find themselves in this situation again and again. Amid doubts of faith, they still trust their Lord Jesus. They put their trust in his word. They do what Jesus Christ says in his word. Jesus expects this trust so that he can bless us.


Anyone who accepts his word and acts accordingly will experience God's blessings. He is wise! Jesus says at the end of his Sermon on the Mount (Gospel of Matthew chapter 7, 24) ‘Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. ´


Simon Peter had no idea what awaited him out there on the lake. Certainly not scrap lying at the bottom of the lake. But certainly not a school of fish so large that the nets almost tore, and the boats almost sank. He certainly wasn't expecting God's abundance.


Peter had not prayed: Jesus, my Master, let me catch a ton of fish this noon. Peter simply did what Jesus told him at that moment and God gave him a miracle.


I wish you this view of the Lord Jesus Christ. I wish you to trust Jesus Christ day after day and expect everything from him, even on nights full of doubt. Please listen to his word. God's word brings blessings to everyone. Please trust God at work and in everything you do. Let HIM rule in your life and trust in His care. He knows what you need. And please read what happened after the fishing trip. It's an exciting story!


Thank you very much for listening to me. I cordially invite you to the next devotion on May 15. Until then, I wish you God's blessing and protection in spirit, soul, and body through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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