The Lords Prayer

Our Father in heaven . . .

Whoever has God as Father must have man as his brother.
Leonhard Ragaz

Grasping your hand, father, in the commotion of this time - what a feeling of security.
Grasp your hand, Father, and guide me blindly - show me the way.
Grasp your hand, father, without hesitation, I trust you.

Sabine Lehmbeck

hallowed be your name . . .

The smallest space in which sanctification happens means human heart and human life.
Hermann Bezzel

Your kingdom come . . .

Without the prayer of the heart is the prayer of the lips an useless murmur.
The kingdom of God comes by itself and without our intervention.
But we pray that it will come to us too.

Martin Luther

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven . . .

Lord, give me the strength to do whatever you ask me to do.
Then ask me what you want.


Give us today our daily bred . . . 

Where to learn to thank for the smallest, will gets light in his heart.
Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

The happiest people are not the one, who have the most,
but the people, who can thank the most.

Wilhelm Oehler

Forgive us our debts . . .

The great guilt of man is that he can go back to God at any moment and does not do.
Martin Buber

Go back means I may make a fresh start for the sake of Jesus.
Hanns Lilje

As we also have forgiven our deptors . . .

When I saw how hard the lifestyle of people can be, I have learned mercy.
Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

and lead us not into temptation . . .

Not our weakness is our problem but the way we handle it.
Hans-Joachim Eckstein

but deliver us from the evil one  . . .

I believe that God can make good things of everything, also from the worst.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Because Yours is the kingdom . . .

God wants to turn the dark yesterday into a bright morning -
last in the shining morning of eternity.

Martin Luther King

and the power . . .

Wherever Jesus is, there is divine omnipotence
in the middle of human powerlessness.
Peter Hahne

And the glory . . .

Glory is revealed divinity.
Friedrich Oetinger

in eternity. Amen.

We are surrounded by God here in space and time
and will live in him and be in eternity.

Arno Poetzsch

God does not give up us - he loves us for an eternity.
Juergen Werth

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